Friday, August 12, 2011


            Seven weeks ago in mid June, I tore my meniscus. Just prior to this injury, I had taken 2 weeks off to help my nagging, sore forearm tendons heal. I came back with fresh tendons, but that was quickly forgotten when I made a simple high step. I was climbing a route when I made a high step with my left foot, then heard a pop as I pushed off. I really did not think much of it. My joints pop all the time. It was not until I tried to stand up when I realized that something was wrong. I iced the knee and headed home. The next day I head to my orthopedic to see what was really wrong. I was told then it was most likely a torn meniscus. They also said that it most likely would be a tear that could be cut out, and I would be back in 3 weeks. Yet they also gave a worst case scenario of 12 weeks if they needed to repair it. He did the  MRI and I patiently waited for the results. The results came back an hour later, and unfortunately it was the worst case scenario.
            I really was optimistic about the situation, so the devastation hit me pretty hard. Nationals gone. World Championships gone. Six weeks in Europe gone. Youth Worlds gone. It sure was a lot to lose, but my optimism came back quickly. I looked at it as just another bump in the road. Sometimes hardships happen, and you really cannot do much about it. The surgery went well the next day. I really did not remember much of it since I was knocked out as soon as I got to the hospital. The next few days were spent between my bed, the bathroom, and the couch. I had an allergic reaction to the Dura Prep that they used to clean my leg before the surgery, and I broke out all over my leg. The allergic reaction really was the hardest thing about this whole predicament. The reaction lasted a grueling 2 weeks. Since then, the rehab has been somewhat easy going. I got off my crutches 3 weeks after the surgery. That is also the time that I really started my rehab. I began to swim, bike, walk, and do physical therapy. Luckily my aunt helped me come up with a therapy routine. I even began to climb one footed. Now,  seven weeks later I am walking without a brace and am cleared to climb tentatively with both feet. My orthopedic said my rehab is way ahead of schedule, and he seemed to be very impressed. We discussed if I could climb in the Youth World Championships in late August. He cleared me to go, but he said I would not be 100% and the intense training and competition would really endanger my knee. At the moment I am leaning towards not going. I really do not want to take another step back, and with that in mind, going to Austria really would not be in my best interest. Most of all, I would also  miss my first week of college at Colorado Sate.
            I really have gotten the opportunity to experience things that I would have missed out on. I got to spend more time with the people closest to me. I have been blessed to have many supporters through this time from my girlfriend and my family and friends. I have gotten to help at a foster home, spend time with family and friends, and I even rescued at stray kitten with my mother. The time spent at home has really been a blessing.
I am very optimistic about climbing for the end of 2011 and 2012. I always seem to come back from injuries stronger than ever. I also will have a copious amount of climbing and motivation as I move to Colorado. I really want to enjoy outdoor climbing.  Living in North Texas, the outdoor climbing opportunities are not plentiful, but I'm moving to Colorado primarily for an education. I intend on pursuing my higher education with devotion. I am majoring in business with concentrations in finance and marketing. Like I said earlier, my knee is just another bump in the road, and I am moving quickly over the bump with great anticipation and optimism towards what lies ahead.

These are some pictures of me as I was going through the rehab process.

Photos by Claire Edwards

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  1. Owen was sending 5.12 with one foot. That's how dedicated this kid is.

    Good luck in Ft. Collins! I'll hit you up when I make it to Colorado!